Marketing is helping the customer

The starting point for marketing is always the customer and the product or service for sale. Begin the marketing plan by asking yourself, why the customer should buy from you and what you could do to help the customer. Your goal is to solve the customer’s problem or need in a new or better way than the competitors. You have already thought of these things when drawing up your business plan, and it’s actually good to go back to it every once in a while.

Marketing also means solicitation of customers. When planning your marketing measures, keep in mind that your competitors are interested in gaining the attention of the same customers. At its best your marketing brings experiences and ideas, which in turn activate and excite the customers to take action – to buy from you and to recommend your to others.

Take advantage of the opportunities offered by the social media: share your own publications in different channels, blog texts and paid advertisement.


Effective sales and marketing are based on specific targeting, therefore, think about what type of customers you wish to attract, in other words to whom are your products or services designed for, and where can you reach out to the customers. If you sell toys for children, it might not be worthy to market them on a gaming industry website, but in a family magazine.

Customer experience is the key

The better feedback your company receives from the customers, the bigger the audience it begins to interest. People are eager to recommend a good product or service once their expectations have been exceeded. Brand your products or service. Maintain customer relationships: offer your customers extra help, useful guides and interesting content in news letters or a blog. Make shopping easy and pleasing. Delight and surprise with a giveaway.

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