Support for growth and development

At some point, your company might need a boost to reform its operations, induce growth or spread its wings into international markets.

The services of the Finnish Patent and Registration Office can be used for various stages in product development. You might be able to protect your innovations with a patent or a utility model and thus be one step ahead of your competitors.

Are you already familiar with the services provided by Kasvu Open? The services are meant for SMEs with a turnover of less than 10 million euros, and that wish to grow their business operations. You can, for example, make a free growth enterprise analysis, that will give you a wide overview of your company’s state and which you can use in negotiations with business developers and business development financiers.

You can also get supported analysis, consultation and training services through the ELY Centre for the development of your business.

And of course, the Finnish Enterprise Agencies and the enterprise services in your region will also provide you with sparring for developing your company.

Additionally, you should invest in developing your own skills. Vocational upper secondary level qualifications targeted to entrepreneurs include Further Vocational Qualification for Etnrepreneurs as well as Further vocational Qualification in Business Management and Leadership. Look at it as investing time and money into your studies is also an investment in the competitiveness of your company.

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is always worthwhile

Networking is practically vital for businesses. Networking can provide collaboration partners, subcontractors, ideas and new customers.

Useful partners for a developing company could be, for example chambers of commerce, employers’ associations and organisations within trade and industry. You can also receive sparring from experienced business mentors.

Be active – the more you are prepared to give, the more you will get out of the network.

Kuvituskuva: yrityksen kehittäminen

When the world calls

A international success story does not write itself, but requires hard work and determination. There is help to be used.


Hiring an extra pair of hands?

Hiring your first employee is a big step to take. Familiarise yourself in good time with employer responsibilities.

Recruitment and being an employer

Support for your business

Your enterprise can receive public support and help in various situations along the way. Usually you do not need to refund the support and help, but they often require self-financing.

Support and assistance

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The Enterprise Agencies provide you with support and counseling free of charge. Take advantage of the unbiassed help from our experts immediately when thinking of becoming an entrepreneur! Click yourself to the homepage of your nearest Enterprise Agency – sign up for an entrepreneurship info or book a personal business advisor meeting.

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