Always ready for an acquisition

A successful business acquisition starts by the company being fit for selling. Follow up on your company’s key figures regularly and compare them with other companies within the same industry, in other words your competitors. Think about what your enterprise looks like from the outsider’s point of view. Is the appearance, the logo and website of your company appealing?

The buyer making the acquisition is always focused on the future. If you are planning on selling the company, you should nonetheless keep developing your business and investing.

What are you selling?

You can sell
• the entire operating enterprise (share transaction)
• a part of the enterprise (requires dividing up the company)
• exclusively the business operations
• a part of the business operations.

Ask an expert to help you determine your enterprise’s financial value. Sell by reason, not feeling – the buyer is more interested in what the expected returns are going to be in the future than the history of your company, which probably only has meaning to you.

Business acquisition takes time

Due diligence permits the buyer to check the financial situation and the administration of the company, which takes its time and might affect the purchase price and the contract contract terms of the sale.

The buyer will also need time to arrange financing. Only once the financing has been ensured and you have accepted the final bid, it is time to implement the deal. You can ask, for example, a legal expert for assistance, so that the sales contract is drawn up correctly.

Make sure you meet your liabilities also after signing the agreements. Make sure any existing customers or employees you might have commit themselves to the new owner. Pass over tacit knowledge and prepare to work together with the new owner or in the background for some time. Finally, you should be ready to let go – the company belongs no longer to you.

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