Interested in light entrepreneurship?

Light entrepreneurship is not a legally regocnised form of enterprise but rather more of a marketing term for using invoicing service. Light entrepreneurship is an entrepreneur-like and flexible way to sell your own work in a small scale or temporarily or when you just want to test your business idea. It is not suitable for selling products.

As a light entrepreneur you acquire your own work and determine the price for it. Invoicing and payroll accounting are outsourced to an invoicing service that collects a sevice fee when paying wages. The invoicing service also handles tax deductions and other required payments for you. Remember to make sure that your customer agrees on invoicing through an invoicing service.

Invoicing services are for example

Some service providers mainly act as an online accounting firm and require you to create a Business ID. These services are for example

When you have a Business ID, you will be marked in The Business Information System run by YTJ (Finnish patent and registration office and tax administration). Read more about the Business ID and YTJ.

You should always familiarise yourself with the content of the service and check whether it requires a Business ID. The Enterprise Agency is for your assistance also when planning light entrepreneurship.