Remember also these forms of enterprise

Other forms of enterprise in Finland are a cooperative, a general partnership and a limited partnership. A few hundred new general partnerships and limited partnerships are started annually, but they are suitable for certain situations.

A cooperative can be a good form of enterprise when several people want to be entrepreneurs in cooperation. It is a flexible form of enterprise, worth familiarizing yourself with.

A cooperative is a flexible form of enterprise where the number of members can fluctuate, if necessary. Members make decisions on new members together, and a membership cannot be bought or sold.  Members can somewhat freely agree on their responsibilities and liabilities in the cooperative agreement drawn up during the founding of the company.

Read more about cooperatives in Pellervo Coop Center’s guide for cooperative entrepreneurs.

Document templates, notification forms and instructions for founding a cooperative can be found in the Set-up package of the Finnish Patent and Registration Offices on The cooperative must be registered in the Trade Register no later than three months after signing the memorandum of association. Registering a cooperative costs €380 (in 2023).

The Enterprise Agencies assist you also in founding a cooperative.

A general partnership and  a limited partnership are partnerships that require at least two partners/people as founders. In a partnership, the activities are usually based on individuals, so it can be a good option when the business is focused on the partners’ professional skills or personal work contribution.

In a general partnership, the partners are equally responsible for the company’s commitments; in a limited partnership, the responsibility falls on the active partners equally. If one partner makes a commitment,  the others are also responsible for it.

After signing the memorandum of association, the company should be registered with the Trade Register and the Tax Administration at The registration must be completed within three months of signing the memorandum of association, otherwise the foundation becomes void. Registering a partnership costs €240 (in 2023).