A new boost through change of ownership

Sometimes it is necessary to divest a company for one reason or another. Your family is growing, you receive an interesting job offer, you are reaching retirement or maybe you are planning to move abroad. Closing down a business is definitely not the only option, instead you should first think about handing over the company to the next generation in the family or selling the business to an outsider.

Ask fan expert to help you determine the financial value of your enterprise. Change of ownership might boost the growth of your company if you no longer can fully focus on the operations or develop them yourself anymore.

Keep the documents of your company well arranged, so that you can easily find the financial statements for the previous years, agreements and other important documents. Even if the company’s papers are in order, note that it might take years to implement the acquisition – or at least several months.

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Are you
the one that is buying?

Change of ownership offers you an alternative route to entrepreneurship: you can perfectly start your career as an entrepreneur by acquiring an already existing enterprise or business.  The Enterprise Agencies will offer you advise also when becoming an entrepreneur through change of ownership.  Our business advisors will assist you in familiarising yourself with the company that is for sale, and will evaluate together with you the risks and opportunities related to it.

When acquiring a company, you receive an already existing concept and clientele which helps you get a good start on your entrepreneurial journey. The entrepreneur selling their business is probably happy to act as your mentor for some time, if you agree to do so.

You can search for interesting companies through Suomen Yrityskaupat, for example.

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Time for change of ownership?

In the case of generational change, the successor is considered to be a new entrepreneur, just like in other ways of becoming an entrepreneur and starting a business.

Generational change
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A successful acquisition

You should openly express your intention to sell your company, and it will be easier to find a buyer. Relate to the selling with reason, not feeling.

Selling a company

Time to quit

Closing down a business does not mean failure. Entrepreneurship can just be a phase in life after which something else will follow on later.

Closing down a business

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