Welcome to our network

In addition to working with influencing and marketing on the behalf of its members and activating interaction between the members, the Finnish Enterprise Agencies offer effective and modern tools as well as training as support for the advisory service for new entrepreneurs.

For companies and associations being a member of the Finnish Enterprise Agencies is a concrete act of responsibility in society to enhance entrepreneurship and therefore securing the wellbeing of Finland as a whole.

Member benefits included in the membership fee are, for example

  • content cooperation in the communications directed to business advisors of the enterprise agencies as well as persons interested in entrepreneurship (website, newsletters, events)
  • a 50 % discount on the notification space in the annually published Guide to Becoming an Entrepreneur in Finland

Finnish Enterprise Agencies’ membership fees for corporate members year 2024

Membership fees for companies is determined by the number of staff as the following

  • less than 10 persons €1 635
  • 10–50 persons €2 700
  • 51–250 persons €4 900
  • more than 250 persons €7 000

The membership fee for charitable associations is €1 635.

The membership fee for central organisations is €7 000.

To be accepted as an Enterprise Agency in our network, the association or foundation needs to be charitable and having legal capacity, and operates as an Enterprise Agency according to the quality principles of Enterprise Agency operations. Enterprise Agency is a trademark registered by the Finnish Enterprise Agencies.

If your organisation is interested in providing advisory services for new entrepreneurs under the concept of Enterprise Agency, please contact piia.malmberg@uusyrityskeskus.fi.

Our member services included in the membership fee for Enterprise Agencies are, for example:

  • quality system/concepts and tools developed together
  • An amount of Entreprenurship Guides defined by the membership fee (Finnish, Swedish and English)
  • The tool Ideanappi
  • training days and webinars for business advisors

Moreover, the members of the Finnish Enterprise Agencies will be entitled to a special price on tools for the support of the Enterprise Agency advisory services.