With the Yritystulkki calculation template you can draw up the profitability statement for your business operations. The calculation is an Excel file which includes an income statement for three years, cash budget for the first year and an example of a calculation. You will find the basic instructions by the Yritystulkki on the Yritystulkki YouTube channel.

Save the calculation to your computer, as the data will not be automatically stored in the program’s memory.

If you feel insecure about drawing up the calculations independently, please contact the nearest Enterprise Agency and book a meeting free of charge. The calculations will not be made for you but you will receive support and good instructions on what to take into account when drawing up the statements.

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The business plan calculations will help you determine the following:

  • How much does it cost to start your business?
  • How are you going to fund your business activities?
  • What costs will your business incur and what should be your sales target?
  • How much working capital do you need to manage your early-stage costs?

You will also need this information later on as you develop your business.

A well executed financing statement should take into account all the investments and operating expenses required to start a business. These include, for example, costs related to tools, machinery, cars, rent, marketing, initial inventory and possible salaries.

The sources of funding need to cover all your funding needs, so you will probably also need to obtain funds from outside sources, such as a bank. Keep in mind that the start-up grant is not considered an actual source of funding, because it is meant to cover the entrepreneur’s personal living costs only.

A profitability calculation shows how much you need to sell to make your business profitable.

In the sales volume calculation you can specify the minimun invoiced sales target indicated by the profitability calculation by apportioning it among different customer groups and products.

The cash flow statement helps you ensure that you always have enough money in your bank account to pay the bills.

You should also look into a few calculations that differ a bit from the ones above: financing statement, income statement and sales volume plan. They are also in Excel form and can be downloaded to your device the same way as the Yritystulkki calculations.

It is up to you, which ones you feel suit better your business operations, or if you still want to find other alternatives. However, the main thing is that the calculations are made in one way or another.