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AKY – Akavalaiset yrittäjät
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Ammattiliitto Pro
Elinkeinoelämän keskusliitto
Excellence Finland
Ipriq Oy (
Isolta Oy
Kasvu Open Oy
Kaupan liitto ry
Keskinäinen työeläkevakuutusyhtiö Varma
Keskisuomalainen Oyj MEKS
KK-Verve Oy
Kumppania Oy
Lakiasiaintoimisto Juutilainen & Co Oy
LähiTapiola Keskinäinen Vakuutusyhtiö
Musiikkiluvat Oy
Nuori Yrittäjyys ry 
Oma Säästöpankki Oyj
Omapaja Oy
OP Kevytyrittäjä
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Patentti- ja rekisterihallitus
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Startup Refugees
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Suomen Franchising-Yhdistys ry
Suomen Laatuyhdistys ry
Suomen Metsäyhdistys ry
Suomen Nuorkauppakamarit ry
Suomen Sopimustieto Oy
Suomen Yrittäjänaiset ry
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Suomen Yrityskummit ry
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Talous ja nuoret TAT ry
Taloustutka Oy
Tekniikan Akateemisten liitto TEK
Tilitoimisto Capital Oy
Turvallisuus- ja kemikaalivirasto Tukes
Visma Solutions Oy
Wihuri Oy Aarnio Metro-tukku
Yhteinen Toimialaliitto ry
Yrittäjän Työttömyyskassa

Benefits for new entrepreneurs

Mediatalo Keskisuomalainen / MEKS offers the following to new entrepreneurs that are customers of the Enterprise Agencies:

  • 50 % off the first magazine advertisement or digital or outdoor advertisement campaign and 
  • 20% off the following advertisement space in print and online media 

Campaign page and contact form to Mediatalo Keskisuomalainen /MEKS in:

The advertisement offers concern the media of Mediatalo Keskisuomalainen and stand until 31st of December 2021.

Nordea offers the Enterprise Agencies’ customers

  • Nordea Accounting Plus service free of charge (€0) for private traders during the first four months (normal price €87,60 per month).

You can activate the offer by enterin the campaign code NDEA20 when signing up for the Nordea Accounting Plus service:

You can sign up for the Nordea Accounting Plus service:

1. By self service at:
2. In a customer meeting with a Nordea representative (telephone and online meetings)
3. When signing up as an enterprise customer online. Personal guidance is offered by Nordea over the phone for implementing the service.

The campaign code NDEA20 is to be entered when implementing the service, or it is to be mentioned to the adviser when when activating the service over the phone through Nordea, for example in an online meeting.

Visma Solutions Oy offers for the new entrepreneur

  • The Netvisor financial administartion programme for 12 months without a fixed monthly fee.

Entrepreneurs pay only for event related costs according to their own usage. The offer includes Netvisor’s Professional package, which covers invoicing, bookkeeping, automatization features of the financial administration and practical mobile applications.

You can activate the campaign offer for Visma Netvisor at:

The offer is for enterprises that have been registered in the Trade Register during this year, and that haven’t earlier been customers of Netvisor. The offer is for new established enterprises, not enterprises that have been started through M&A transactions.

Sopimustieto offers new enterprises started through the Enterprise Agencies

  • 50% off the services of Sopimuskone. Offered price from €14,50 a month (normal price €29 a month).

Enterprises that are established through the Enterprise Agencies will receive the offered prices for the package deals when registering at the Sopimustieto campaign page:

The service includes even the most important documents for business operations in English. The English documents regarding business operations can be received as a Plus-customer. The assisting information for drawing up the contracts are provided in Finnish and English.

MyCashflow offers new entrepreneurs the following:

  • webshop for one year to half the price

The offer can be activated with the code SUK2021. The offer stands for orders on the service deals MyCashflow Basic, Advanced and Pro, when ordered by an enterprise started in 2021. The offer runs for the first year, when you enter the campaign code when placing the order and you select yearly invoicing as payment method.

The Finnish MyCashflow webshop service includes:

– An easy-to-use control system in Finnish
– Diverse qualities and functions
– The most popular services for payment and logistics, ready to be used
– Expert and helpful customer service

You can open a webshop for your company at:
Normal prices for the webshop service start at €49 a month (VAT 0 %).