Profitable business from start to finish

Once the business plan is drawn up and the company is set up, you get into action. In the beginning you need to take insurances, organise bookkeeping and invoicing as well as take your planned marketing actions and solicitation of customers into practice. You will find tips on these on our website and of course in the Guide to Entrepreneurship.

In the Guide, we have also gathered an information package regarding the enterprise’s income taxation as well as value-added taxation. Familiarise yourself carefully even with these.

Later on, when your business operations are established, you might start to think about developing your business further. At this point, the time might be right to broaden your operations, to internationalise and to recruit more workforce.

Keep your business always in good shape for selling, so that you can give up your company or business through change of ownership, if necessary.

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Resposibility affects all business operations and transparency is important in every industry. Also accessibility of services is a part of the company’s responsibility.

Take the initiative to sharing your responsibility principles with customers and stakeholders. When you exceed expectations in matters regarding responsibility, it becomes your competitive advantage. A genuinely responsible company evaluates and aims to constantly enhance their operations also voluntarily. Responsible solutions are not sought to fulfill regulatory requirements but for the sake of the environment and society.

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Safety in entrepreneurship

Risks are a part of being an entrepreneur. Find out the potential risks associated with your business, and how you can be prepared for them.

Business insurances
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Help your customer

Get started with marketing: intrigue, commit and charm. Customer experience is the clincher.

Sales and marketing
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New boost for your enterprise

There are many ways in which you can develop and broaden your business. You can apply for various forms of support and receive guidance free of charge for the development of your business.

Business development

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The Enterprise Agencies provide you with support and counseling free of charge. Take advantage of the unbiassed help from our experts immediately when thinking of becoming an entrepreneur! Click yourself to the homepage of your nearest Enterprise Agency – sign up for an entrepreneurship info or book a personal business advisor meeting.

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