Advisory services of the Enterprise Agencies

The Enterprise Agencies provide you with a range of different services. In addition, you may always receive personal service from us.

Entrepreneurship info

A good way to get started on your way to entrepreneurship is by attending the entrepreneurship info organized by your local Enterprise Agency. At the info you are presented with basic information regarding entrepreneurship and the start-up grant as well as tools for planning your business onwards. After the info you are already able to start working on your business plan.

Personal business counseling

At the free and confidential business counseling you meet your own business advisor face to face or by remote access. The counseling concentrates on you and your entrepreneurship and business idea. At the meeting  

  • you go through your business idea and business plan together with your business advisor
  • you receive assistance in making the financing statement as well as profitability and sales volume calculations
  • we inform you about the permissions, notifications and acitions needed for starting a business
  • you are provided with basic information about the IPR (intellectual property rights)
  • you can ask the business advisor about anything regarding entrepreneurship.

According to your needs, the business advisor may also refer you to expert meetings free of charge, regarding for example bookkeeping, finance and insurances. 

Before attending the meeting

Before your meeting with the Enterprise Agency’s business advisor, it is recommended to take a look at our Guide to Entrepreneurship. You will be handed the printed version of the Guide at the counsel meeting, however, you can pick it up at your local Enterprise Agency in beforehand as well.

Book a meeting
with a business advisor

The Enterprise Agencies provide you with support and counseling free of charge regarding entrepreneurship, planning and starting your business as well as light entrepreneurship. Take advantage of the unbiassed help from our experts immediately when thinking of becoming an entrepreneur.

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There are 33 enterprise agencies at your service in Finland.

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