Characteristics of an entrepreneur

When you are planning entrepreneurship, take a moment to reflect on your personality and whether its characteristics are the like to help you succeed as an entrepreneur.

  • Are you determined?
  • Are you hard working, creative and bold?
  • Do you dare to take risks?
  • Do you show initiative?
  • Can you stand out with uncertainty?

You should also consider your life situation as you should be able to focus on your business ans perhaps be able to wait a while before you can make a living on your business.

You have to have a strong belief in your business idea. In addition you need skills in managing the enterprise, sales, marketing and financial administration. Of course professional skills matter, too – the entrepreneur of an elecrtical engineering company needs to be a professionally skilled electrician if they wish to do installation work in addition to management.

However, you don’t need to do everything by yourself, instead you can buy services for example from advertising agencies and accounting firms. You can also go through additional training and take a degree in professional entrepreneurship or attend different entrepreneurial courses.