What is entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is a way of working, employing yourself and possibly even others. Entrepreneurship is using your competence and believing in your business idea. At best it is an inspiring everyday life where you get to choose your way of working and work schedule.

Entrepreneurship demands responsibility and running a business always has its risks. In addition to being determined, you need to be able to stand out the uncertainty. The will to earn money is vital if you wish to make a living on entrepreneurship.  

Entrepreneurial qualities
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Start-up grant
helps in the beginning

As a new entrepreneur you can receive start-up grant. A start-up grant is a discretionary allowance, granted to secure your livelihood as a new entrepreneur. It is meant for you, not your enterprise.  

When considering entrepreneurship, you should contact the employment services in good time to ensure your eligibility for a start-up grant. Full-time operations must not be commenced before a decision on the start-up grant has been made. The Enterprise Agencies will help you also in applying for a start-up grant.

Start-up grant
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What is light entrepreneurship?

Light entrepreneurship is popular but what does it really mean? Would it fit you? It is worth looking well into different alternatives.

Light entrepreneurship
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Entrepreneurship by acquiring a company?

Acquiring a company that is up and running is a good way to become an entrepreneur. You get into action right away since the clientele and turnover already exist.

Business acquisition
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What is franchising?

Franchising means acquiring a business idea and brand from a franchisor. You receive access to a pre-developed concept for which you pay a fee.

Becoming an entrepreneur

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