A company born out of a desire to help 

Wellmedic Oy Ab, based in Mustasaari, offers both occupational health services and private healthcare to its customers. In a short period of time, the successful family business has expanded to four other locations. 

Marta Backlund, CEO of Wellmedic, is an economist who was instilled from childhood with a desire to help her fellow beings – she comes from a family where her father is a medical doctor specialising in two fields and her mother is a midwife and nurse. Working in customer service alongside her studies reinforced Marta’s belief that her calling was to help others, even if her own studies were not related to nursing. 

The family business was founded by Marta’s father, Zar Nur, in 2020. At the time, there was a lot of talk about social and healthcare reform and the privatisation of the healthcare sector, and the family wanted to contribute to meeting the demand with a company that offered a friendly and customer-oriented service. Later, the growing treatment queues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic also served as a motivator and driver of growth for Wellmedic. 

The company is originally based in Mustasaari and now has offices in Karjaa, Oravainen, Vaasa, and Vöyry. Initially Wellmedic focused on occupational health care, but the services soon expanded to include private clients, of which there are many, especially in Karjaa. 

A team of experts helped navigate the permit process 

The private healthcare sector is highly regulated and controlled. For practical reasons, Wellmedic was established as a limited company. 

– The necessary permits were finally obtained with surprising ease in just a few months. Our lawyer, accountant and board of directors were very helpful with the permits and notifications, as was Kjell Nydahl, Director of Business Services at Vaasanseudun Kehitys Oy. Kjell was a great sparring partner, who also gave me tips on networking and applying for funding. Thanks to a good business idea and realistic profit expectations, the financing negotiations also went well, says Marta, reflecting on the early stages of the company. 

Diverse expertise and know-how 

Entrepreneurship is often also a question of attitude. Marta and her partners see opportunities instead of problems. 

– Although Wellmedic is still a relatively small player in its field, despite its expansion, it operates like a large company. This has been made possible by a board with both strong growth company experience and youthful enthusiasm. They have had the courage to make bold decisions, says Tommi Virkama, Director of the Enterprice Agency Vaasanseudun Uusyrityskeskus Startia. 

The success of the company is based on the solid professionalism of a diverse and talented team. Wellmedic currently employs around 30 employees and around 15 self-employed people. 

– The more diversified the skills a company has, the better it will do. We have been lucky to recruit highly skilled and motivated staff from a variety of backgrounds. To new entrepreneurs, I want to say: invest in your business idea, trust your vision, and ask for help. Business advisers help you make informed decisions, so that it pays to start a business. Finland needs entrepreneurs, concludes Marta.